Puppies for Sale in St. Petersburg

Puppies For Sale in St. Petersburg

Hey there, animal lovers! We are so thrilled to welcome you to Sunshine Puppies. We offer an amazing selection of Puppies for Sale in St. Petersburg. With three locations throughout the Tampa Bay area, we’re the ultimate destination for finding your furry friend. Our team is passionate about connecting you with healthy, happy, and utterly adorable puppies. You can trust our experienced professionals to provide personalized guidance and support as you navigate the process of adopting your furry family member. Our facilities ensure that our puppies will be safe and comfortable as they wait to find their forever home. So why wait? Come on over to Sunshine Puppies today and discover the perfect match for you!

puppies for sale in St. Petersburg

The Sunshine Difference

When you come in to Sunshine Puppies you are going to notice a significant difference about us and the way we conduct our business! We are here to help you in any way we can with your search for your next soul mate! 

Most of our babies are going to be AKC registered bloodlines, with the majority of our babies parents having OFA certifications to further guarantee the health of their bloodlines! You are going to see many breeds that you have not seen before, as well as exceptional examples of your favorite breeds! Visit one of our three locations that offer Puppies For Sale in St. Petersburg today!

Experienced Breeders

Responsible breeders are individuals who have focused on one or a select few breeds. They have become knowledgeable about heritable defects. As well as temperament and behavior through breeding. Have done historical research, and ongoing studies.

Top Veterinarian Care

Our organization is probably the only pet shop in the state of Florida, and maybe in the country, that has a fully dedicated veterinarian just for our babies. This means that our babies represent 100% of the veterinarians medical practice! The level of care our babies receive is our number one priority!

OFA Certification

We encourage our select breeders to obtain OFA certification of both the Sire and the Dam in order to assure our clients that their new baby is coming home free from genetic defects that are common with specific breeds. An example would be having OFA certification from both the Sire and Dam for hips with a German Shepherd, because hip issues are a common occurrence for this breed!